The Beauty of C2 Bukitpading Waterfall Lubukpabrik “Sucks” Visitors

Image: The Beauty of C2 Bukitpading Waterfall Lubukpabrik “Sucks” Visitors 

Waterfall of C2 Bukit Pading Lubukpabrik village, Lubukbesar Sub-district, Bangka Tengah District, Bangka Belitung (Babel) still maintain the beauty and environmental sustainability that potentially “sucks” visitors and give income for Locally-generated revenue.  If it is developed and managed better than before, so it will potentially to suck visitor attention to visit.

According to monitor of Newspaper of RADAR GROUP in C2 waterfall of Bukit Pading, on Monday 29th June 2020 Afternoon looked dozen of motorbikes and cars parked in the area of the attraction. These visitors came to enjoy natural beauty and atmosphere. The sound of the sound of water that sounded loud, the chirping of the sound of birds in the wild as if incessantly interlocking made the visitors enjoy the perfection of the outdoors.

Not only enjoy the atmosphere, but also a lot of visitors, both of family and couples took pictures at the best spot. The children also played on streams of water that recede and flat, and a lot of visitors tried to adrenaline by jumping freely from a rock to a clear, cool spring below.

Cheers of joy were heard, the atmosphere was familiar, togetherness and kinship made us forget about feeling tired a moment at C2 Bukitpading waterfall in Lubukpabrik Village.

Even though the natural beauty still maintain, but so far, visitors came to the location is not asked for cleanliness and security contributions yet. So that sometimes, still found plastic waste around, because of less aware of the importance of maintaining cleanliness of visitors.

“the waterfall is gorgeous, there are a lot of spot to take picture here. Not only that, but also there is cool air and clean water”, said Nurul Husna (14) is one of Al-Ittifaqiah Islamic boarding school student in Indralaya, Ogan Ilir.

“it is better if the tourist attraction managed by using completeness of facilities for visitors who come, because the location of this attraction is far from Pangkalpinang city. Not only spend time around 2 hours but also road to the location that has not been paved and tour guide. Surely, visitors will not mind if it is levied a kind of entry ticket or contribution to cleanliness and security when they come here. So that visitors can be safer and more comfortable.

Hopefully in the future the natural attractions and oxygen of C2 Bukit Pading Waterfall, Lubukpabrik Village, are better and more developed and are increasingly absorbing local, domestic and foreign tourists, Husna hoped when interviewed at the location of the waterfall.

On the other hand, for maintaining cleanliness and safety in the waterfall attraction, then the village has made a security and sanitation fee bill that will be enforced since Sunday this weekend. So that visitors feel more safe and comfortable. For hygiene and security contributions according to the Perdes, for visitors who come using motorbikes are set at IDR 5,000 and visitors who come by car are IDR 10,000.

Before, to anticipate the spread of the Covid19 pandemic outbreak, the tourist attraction of C2 Bukitpading Waterfall, was temporarily closed. But now, it has just opened again and visitors have not been subject to cleanliness and security contributions. (KRO/RD/Andrian/Dwiputri)

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