North Sumatra Set Into A Priority For Agriculture Sector

North Sumatra Set Into A Priority For Agriculture Sector
Minister of Agriculture has given appreciation to Governor of North Sumatra province to be agricultural sector in Top priority. Syahrul Yasin Limpo as Minister of Agriculture has given appreciation to Edy Rahmayadi as Governor of North Sumatera to make agrarian as stimulus priority economic during Pandemi Covid-19. It was said by him when he was attending harvesting garlic in Parulohan Village, Lintongnihuta Sub-district, Humbahas District on Saturday 20 June.

He was accompanied by Dr Hj R Sabrina as North Sumatra Provincial Secretary to represent Governor of North Sumatera, Humbahas Regent Dosmar Banjarnahor, and Head of the Food Crop and Horticulture Office of North Sumatera, Dahler Lubis.

Minister of Agriculture also welcomed to Humbahas District to be central of garlics and onions that will be one of commodity granary to need of North Sumatera and even national.

“North Sumatera has big potential, including Humbahas has to be locomotive, have to be run, don’t give space land, all land have to be planted” said Minister of Agriculture when reported by Waspada.

North Sumatra Provincial Secretary said that Governor of North Sumatera repeatedly asserted the administration of the province of North Sumatra has set as one of main priority in future development needed support from center government. Sabrina welcomed to Minister of Agriculture’s statement optimist that Humbahas district to be one of agriculture central in North Sumatera, especially for garlic and onion.

Meanwhile, Dahler Lubis as Head of the Agriculture Department added that garlic and onion is a commodity that must be increased in productivity. “Garlic in North Sumatera is only 3.7 percent of the needs of 26,299.96 tons. While onion is sufficient 41.3 percent of the needs of 43,758 tons every year”, said Dahler Lubis.


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